Adnan Dawood Al-Ethary ( Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Economics
[email protected]
• PhD in Economy/Econometrics .8/1988 to 5/1992 from Baghdad university. Thesis was entitled ((Technique of Production and allocation resources in agricultural Sector –econometrics study) Under supervision of Prof. Dr. Mejthab muhammed Enad Alghurairy. • M.Sc. in Agricultural Economy from 1980-1983 from Baghdad university. Thesis was entitled ((Effecting factors on production of yellow corn- econometrics applicable study in Babylon ) Under supervision of assist. prof. Dr. Muhsun Sheik Radi • B.Sc. in Agricultural Economic from 10/1974 to 6/1979 from Baghdad university. • Visiting Researcher Follow in Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences/ International Islamic University Malaysia for period 2013-2014.