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Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) by Dr.ADNAN WAHHAB HABEEB AL-MUDHAFR Biography: I Adnan Wahhab Habeeb Mudhafr received a bachelor's degree in agriculture / food industry , from the College of Agriculture, Baghdad University and earned a master's degree in the food industry in the jurisdiction of the dates and sugars Technology , from Baghdad University / College of Agriculture also received a Ph.D. in food Sciences and biotechnology in 2005 from Baghdad University / College of Agriculture. It embarked in education since 1985 as a research assistant, has published numerous articles and research in many areas of nutrition science and food processing and in date technology and technology of meat and fish, published several research in scientific journals got the title in 2000, a teacher and received the title in 2009 Assistant Professor discussed more than 20 master and PhD thesis, more than 50 scientific research evaluating, I have a 2 first patented in the drying of the second palm juice in feed manufacturing of poultry feathers participated in conferences in Italy / Barry Institute of agriculture, and in Canada at the University of Montreal and the University of callgari, and in Malaysia in UBM University, at Cairo University in Egypt, I was Associate Dean for academic Affairs high Studies for 9 years and now chairman of the Department of food Science in the College of Agriculture, University of Kufa / Iraq won the gold medal of the Science Club in Kuwait , Membership of Food Professionals Organization of the Asia-Pacific 2017 / San Francisco, Membership of the Eminent Association of Research in Biological &Medical Sciences (EARBM) , subjects that you taught: biochemistry, protein chemistry, biotechnology, dates, technology, meat technology, food processing, biotechnology and advanced students to master, and studied law and got a bachelor's degree in public law from the University of Kufa / College of law, 2010 Some research: Al-Mudhafr, A.,W.,H. (2011) . Processing of proteins concentrated from Sparus auala fished and studying Its functional properties . J. of the Univeristy of thi-qar. 6(2):40-49 Al-Mudhafr, A.,W.,H. (2009). Enrichment of laboratorial with protein concentrated manufacturing from Acanthopagurus latus fish using mutual method (Enzymatic- Physical). Kufa J. for Agr. Sci. Vol (1) No.(1) p: 23-33 Al-Mudhafr, A.,W.,H. (2008) .Effect translocation of Al-Zahdi date juice instead of sugar in manufactured sauce . J. of the university of Karbala . Vol. (6) . N0. (2) p: 156 – 161