Adnan Ne'ma Al-Asadi ( Professor )
Faculty of Agriculture - ( Head of the Department )
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Curriculum Vitea Name: Adnan Ne'ma O. Al-Asadi Nationality: Iraqi Title :Assistant Professor Maternal status: Married Spouse job: Academic lecture Work Address: Dean assistant, faculty of Agriculture, Kufa University, Iraq. Email: [email protected], [email protected] Mobile +964 7808478834 Home Address: Kufa Najaf Iraq Language Arabic (Tongue language ), English Education BSc. in Agriculture, Animal Resources, College of Agriculture/Mousel University 1977 -1978. M.Sc. in Genetic College of Agriculture/Mousel University 1983. Ph.D. In Avian Physiology/ College of Agriculture/Baghdad University 2006 with an excellent degree. Date of Appointment: 27/11/1978 Assistant lecturer in technical Agricultural institute /Askykalk/ Erbil Training course:  Training course in preparation of deans ad head of departments in technical institute establishment in national Center for Administration development /Baghdad /iraq1981  Training course in teaching methods (the first and second) in the center of development employer belong to establishment of technical institute Baghdad 1987 and 1994.  Training course in Poultry management in ho region (ministry of Agriculture)  Training course preparing computer teachers in establishment of technical institute for one year in national center of Computers and administration institute in Resafa , Baghdad , Iraq1986  Training course application in national center of Computers, Baghdad , Iraq1986 The materials I teach: Genetic, Physiology, Computer, Advance Econmic , Environment , special problem , seminar Head of Iraqi society of poultry science in Najaf governorate Member in Iraqi Biology science Employment Record : Head of department of Animal resources /college of Agriculture /Kufa University 2006. Head of basic chemicals , college of Agriculture , Baghdad University 1998-2006. 1987-1995 Techniques Hygienic Department /Technical Institute / Kufa/ Najaf / IRAQ 1995-1998 Head of Computer centre. /Technical Institute / Kufa/ Najaf / IRAQ 1979-1983 Head of Animal Resources Department /Technical Institute /Haweja/ Karkuk / IRAQ 1978 Animal Resources Department /Technical Institute / Askykalk/ Erbil / IRAQ 2006 Head of animal resources, agri. faculty, Kufa university. 2013 Dean assistant, agri. faculty, Kufa university. Publications  Effect of use ration with different ratio of metabolically energy to protein in fat ratio . technical journal .conference of establishment of technical institute 1988.  Effect of Nutrition and type of gene in fat ratio around the in poultry. Babylon journal vol.7, no.3.  Gastric infection with in Iraqi camel .Journal of Alkadisya vol.4no.1page 155  Effect of use different ratio of yellow corn instead of white corn in some productive trails in broiler. Babylon journal volume 69 no 1  Study of the effect of environment on some productive trials for broiler .Journal of Alkadisya vol.5no.1page 234  Evaluation of production curve for folk of Iraqi commercial layer . Journal of Alkadisya vol.69no.1page 252  Early feeding and its effects on performance of broiler .the 6th conference of agriculture Science, Amman/ Jordan 2007.  Effect of chickens' embryos injection on nutritive solutions and early feeding on some productive and Physiological traits  Study with in chick journal of Dhykar university  Effect of Supplement Fresh Liquid Whey to Drinking Water on Broiler Performance. Iraqi society of poultry science 2008.  Effect of chickens embryos injection on nutritive solutions and early feeding on some productive and Physiological traits. Fayoum J. Agric. Res.& Dev. .,Viol22 , no. 2 2008. : 19-28.  Effect of in ovo injection by nutritive solutions injection and early feeding on 1- weights of digestive tract parts of broiler chickens.2009 2nd scientific conference for Applied Science University of Kufa  Effect of in ovo nutritive solutions Injection and early feeding on 2-lengths of digestive tract parts of Broiler chickens.2009 2nd scientific conference for Applied Science University of Kufa  Studied Effect Cock's feed on different levels of Taraxacum afficinals powder in some blood trails immunological.2009. . Journal of Alkadisya .  Effecr of twin sex and birth on total weight and livability in Awassi sheep different ages . 2009 kufa journal for agricultural science : vol.(1) no(1) : 75-85.  The effect of additive carbohydrate sources in to starter ration on some productive characters and digestive tract development of broiler chicken. Journal of Karbala university.  Effect of using different level of oil on broiler performance and physiological traits.  Evaluation of supplement fresh liquid whey to drinking water on broiler performance.  Effect of early feeding (in ovo – injection) amino acids on hatchability, some productive and physiology traits in brioiler.  Books in press : • Reproductive Avian Physiology • Egg Production and Hatchery Managements