adil Mohammad AL-Rammahi ( Professor )
Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - Mathematics ( Assistant Dean )
[email protected]
I am adopted as appointed to the University of Kufa, the title of scientific researcher in the year 1992 and then got Al master's degree in mathematics / stability of large systems enacted in 1995 and then got the title of a teacher in 1999 and then assistant professor in 2002, professor and professorship in 2014 that I got a doctorate in 2005 in mathematics / fractal geometry. During functional my career exercised several leadership as assistant of dean or head of department and the presidency or membership of the ministerial committees and universal . several research in magazines and conferences, local and international, such as Basra, London, Paris, Zurich and Los conferences .My research interests in the areas of fractals , stability , encoding , information and numerical analysis.