Adel Muhammed Alathari ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science - Physical Education ( Assistant Dean )
[email protected]
Dr. Adel Mohammed Dahash Alathari He holds a BA and MA and Ph.D. from the University of Baghdad / College of Physical Education, Musharraf athlete for many tournaments and matches and other sports. Member administrative body Solidarity Sports Club in 1992-1995). Vice President of the Solidarity Sports Club 1996-1997. Prime Solidarity Sports Club 1998-2003. Chairman of the Sub-Union Athletics the Najaf 1997-2003 Branch. Member of the Representation of the Iraqi Olympic Committee 2000-2003. Member of the Iraqi Central Union Athletics 2000-2003. Chairman of the Sub-Union Athletics currently branch Najaf. Member of the Iraqi Central Union Athletics. Prime many delegations Iraq Athletics. Financial Secretary of the Federation of Athletics and lecturer for more than a training course and arbitration under the supervision of the Central Union. Research Interests: • The relationship between the digital level to jump higher and all of maximum strength and the relative strength and distinctive force as soon as the muscles of the legs. • the impact of the proposal to relax in some Albayumkanikih variables and achievement of the effectiveness of the discus (youth clubs Najaf players athletics). • the impact of the training absolute powers of the muscles of the two men in some Albayumkanikih variables to urge him raise achievement higher Balothb. • the impact of train speed capability theory - work for the development of negative threshold accelerating and endurance speed to Rakda 200 elite. Teaching Interests : • Albayumikanek. • Mathematical Statistics. • Scouts. • track and field. • swimming. • sports training.