Adel : Adel Abdul jabbar alkaabi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Arabic Language
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Email1-:[email protected] [email protected] Date of obtaining Degree B.A: 30\7\1986 College of ARTS ALMustansyria un. M.A. : 13\2\1992 College of ARTS ALMustansyria un. PhD 30\7\2000 College of Arts inveracity of Baghdad Last Degree: the Philosophy of Arabic and Arts. Scientific title :Assistant Proffessor. Scientific carcer: -Member of Arabic Dictionaries, Tunisia. -Initiator of satellite' Labyka ya Rasool Allah. -Publications: 1-Dictionary of Scientific and knowledge utterance in Arabic. 2-Language labratary.Astudy in doctrine of Chomsky. 3-Language Deviation in De Sausser. -Specializion: Modern Linguistic and Koran sciences. -Place of work :Department ofArabic,college of Arts,Uninversity of Kufa.