Abdul Rasul Abdul Hassan Ghaffar ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
[email protected]
Ph.D. in Islamic Sciences (Modern Science and Quran Sciences), University of Ali Gera - India 1990.  Master of Islamic Sciences (Science of Hadith and Sciences of the Qur'an) from the University of Ali Gera - India 1988.  Master of Arabic Literature from the University of Pars - India 1987.  Master of Islamic Sciences (Imamate Jurisprudence), Sultan University of Education, Lahwah, India 1986.  Higher Diploma in Islamic Sciences (Modern Science and Quran Sciences) from Cairo University 1977.  Bachelor of Arts from the University of Basra 1975.  He specializes in ancient Greek medicine and has several medical works  Head of Graduate Studies - Quran Sciences - Syria, Lebanon (University of Mustafa) 2004.  Supervisor of several PhDs and Masters at Kashan University, Isfahan University, Kufa and Karbala.  Member of Scientific Committee and researcher at the Sheikh Al-Mufeed International Conference 1991.  Head of International Relations Section of Sheikh Ansari Conference 1992.  President of the Arabic Language School at the University of Higher Judiciary, Bakhm 1993.  He was a typical professor at three courses at Kashan University 2002, 2004, 2005.  He was awarded an appreciation for being a model researcher for several courses.  He received scientific medals and special honors on the day of the university professor, both at the University of Kashan and Isfahan, in Iran. Mekseer, Eastern Salouzi and Samarandh in Indonesia.  He received his degree from Makassar University in Indonesia.  He is a professor and educator of specialized university cadres, where he graduated dozens of people with higher degrees from the doctorate and master's degree.  An agent of 10 references to the Imamate sect in Iraq and Iran.  He has participated in more than 10 international conferences in Syria, Lebanon, Iran, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Iraq.  He has more than 59 books and research printed in Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Indonesia.  His research has been translated into East Asian languages.  He has lectured in universities, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and currently at Kufa University, Iraq.  And a lecturer in several scientific and academic institutions in East Asian countries.  It has scientific and religious centers in India, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as religious and social activities and ideological debates in special programs for many segments in several countries, particularly academics and clerics in East Asia.  Founded the College of Karbala and made it under the title of (Islamic Higher Institute) to graduate cadres in English.  He has several encyclopedic projects in progress including the Comprehensive Women's Encyclopedia.  He has doctrinal and doctrinal lectures - evening - on the days of the week in the neighborhoods of Najaf  And a lecturer in the following satellite channels: 1 - Al - Manar satellite channel since 1994 Lebanon. 2 - Al Kawthar satellite channel. 3- Al-Du'aa Satellite Channel. 4 - Iraqi satellite channel. 5- Imam Hussein Satellite Channel. 6- Al-Thaqlin satellite channel. 7- Najaf satellite channel. 8. Al-Ghadeer Satellite Channel. 9 - Karbala satellite channel. 10. Al-Furat Satellite Channel.