Abdul-kareem Mohammed Al-shammaa ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of
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• B.Sc of Engineering Building, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq (1982). • M.Sc of Civil Engineering (Structure), University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, (1996). • Resident Engineer on Lemax company (West Germany) for the period between (1983-1985), Babylon, Iraq to carry out steel building. • Lecturer at the Technical Institute - Najaf, Iraq for the period between (1986-1993). • Lecturer at the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan for the period between (1993-1996). • Lecturer at the Higher Institute for the preparation of trainers and at the University of 7-October and at the Academy of Graduate Studies, Misurata, Libya for the period between (1996-2011). • Lecturer at College of physical planning / kufa university, Iraq, from 2011 until now. • Design several reinforced concrete structures, such as, water tanks, concrete and steel portal frames in addition to multi-story buildings, by using STAAD/pro. 2014(Promoted to Academic Rank (Lecturer Promoted to Academic Rank (Assistant Professor 2019