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• Full Name: Abdul Kareem Abdul Hussein Al Dabaj Sex: male • • Date of Birth: 23rd of July 1958 Scientific degree: PhD in Plastic Education • • Nathionality: Iraqi Official Address: University teacher • • Marital status: married Scientific Degree: Lecturer • Certificate University Date of Graduation Specialization Bachelor Baghdad College of Fine Arts 1983 Master of Arts Baghdad College of Fine Arts 1992 Educational Technology Ph. D. Babylon College of Fine Arts 2011 Islamic Arts Date of appointment in the higher education: 30th of November 2005 Tasks he was asked to perform and the year: 1- Headmaster of Fine Education Department 2009 Subjects which he taught and the year: 1- Human Rights 1styear Democracy 2nd year poetry 2nd year 2005 -2009 2- History of Ancient Arts1styear 2010-2013 Date and period of works (outside the university): Missions and seminar (inside and outside the country): A Seminar in the characteristics Islamic Art Visualization.The Aesthetics of Kufi Calligraphy on Islamic Pottery Languages he can speak: 1- Arabic 2- English A- Books 1- Allah The God of Heavens and Earth (1996 Baghdad) 2- The Major Reasons of Karballa Battle (2006 An najaf) Experiences, Activities and Hobbies: 1- Author of Books 2- Engineering Design 3- Computer and Internet Exhibition and Participation 1- Participation in the Art Exhibition in Kufa University College of Education 2009. 2- Participation in the Art Exhibition in Kufa University College of Education 2009. A collection of (7) letters of Gratitude from the president of the university and (6) from the deans of Engineering and the College of Arts.