Abdulhussein Jalil Alghaliby ( Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Economics
[email protected]
c.v. 1. Name: Abdulhussein Jalil Abdulhasan Alghaliby. 2. Scientific rank : professor 3. Academic Degree : Country University Date received Degree Iraq Saladin 1983 B.S Iraq Mosul 1988 M.S Iraq Kufa 2002 PhD Iraq Kufa 2013 B.A(English Language) 4. Specialized: Major :Economics; Minor: Monetary Theory & policies. 5. Teaching experience: (A)For B.S.: A. Principle of Economics. B. Monetary Theory. C. Public Finance . D. Economic Development. E. Macroeconomics. F. Education Economics. G. International Economics. H. Microeconomics. I. Money and Banking. J. Financial Economics. (B) For Msc . PhD: A. Monetary Theory. B. Macroeconomics. C. International Economics. D. Economic Development. E. Financial Economics. 6. He has supervised on a lot of M.S and PhD students in deferent universities. 7. Scientific conferences :He has shared on much scientific conferences on deferent university nationally and internationally . 8. Researches : Forty six researches was completed and published on scientific magazines. 9. Scientific committees :He did work on a lot of scientific committees as promotion and test committees and evaluated researches and theses. 10. Participated in establishing the collages of Law, Administration and Economics in Kufa University 11. Participated in establishing many of the scientific departments and scientific research centers. 12. Participated in opening of the post graduate studies (MSC and PHD) in departments of Economics, Business Management and Accountant in Kufa University. 13. Participated in opening of the post graduate studies (MSC and PHD) in Aleraqia , Babel and Wasit Universities [email protected] E-mail/