Abdalrazak shnyn al-janaby ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women -
[email protected]
B.Sc. in chemistry college of Euducation, Baghdad, Iraq MA, in chemistry teaching methods, college of apure science (Ibn AL-Haitham) Baghdad university. Ph.D in -------- - Assistant prof. in the college of Education for girls:- Head of center of Teaching Development & university Traning - Assistant Dean, college of Education for girls – kufa university.- Research Interest 1- Instructional design. 2- Curriculum development. 3- Sciences Education. 4- Educational Teachmology. Publications: 1- The effectiveness of a proposed program according safty education students in the acquisition of the first phase of the Department of Chemistry laboratory safety procedures and the development of preventive awareness laboratory 2- Standards of ethics of science in the books of chemistry in the middle of the Iraq Study And the extent availability Department of chemistry students to these standards 3-Conception of Chemistry Department students ' about teaching and learning and the impact of the proposed program according to the constructivist education in the development of those conception 4- Model proposed standards for quality science textbooks from the point of Consider teachers of these subjects.