Abbas Noah AL- Mosawi ( Professor )
Faculty of Education - Mathematics
[email protected]
Professor Abbas Noah Sulaiman AL- Mosawi ( 1991 ) and ( 2002 ) from Mosul University ( Iraq ) in Educational Psychology. A member of Iraqi Educational Psychologyical Association ( 2000 ) . A member of Iraqi l Psychologyical Association ( 2004 ) . Lecturer at University Of Kufa Since ( 2006 ). Director of The Social Research Unit ( 2010 ) . Assistant Professor since 2012. Different suggestions concerning the scientific development in the field of education have been approved. -designing guidance posters in the field of psychological and educational topics which encourage students to achieve the best performance. -Supervising a graduation research papers which earned the first-class award for humanities majors in the Scientific Conference of the graduation research papers of the University of Kufa. -Participating in different seminars and conferences. -Offered scientific, research methodology, and statistical consultations for the M.A. and Ph.D candidates. -a training member in the Teaching Development Centre at the University of Kufa. - a training member in the Teachers, Headmasters, Supervisors and Counselors Training Centre at Directorate of Education.