Abbas Mohsin Ibraheem ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Physics
[email protected]
Full name and title: Abbas Ali Mohsen ِALKAFEI Nascent: bureaucracy -1960dATE OF BERTH Job title or title scientific: Teacher Academic achievement: Bachelor's degree in physics in 1987                      : Master of Nuclear Physics in 1995.  Master's thesis title: - cross-section of isotopes Kadiom cd 111m / Indium IN rate measuring 113m and IN 115m                      PhD: 2016  Thesis structural transformations of the elements typical of nanotechnology devices rad technical regulation to protect them from radiation. Dissertation Title Section where he works: Physics Kufa University - Faculty of Science Direct job history for the first time: 18 -8-1992 College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa.   Date of resignation from the post: 07/11/1998. Appointment outside the country in Libya: 01/01/1999 Teachers College - Seventh of April University - Department of Physics. Date of resignation from a job in Libya: 7-11-2005 History reinstatement in Iraq: 07/12/2005 The last date of obtaining the certificate: 10.11.1995. History of getting another title: 09/17/1995 Marital Status: Married Positions: decision of the Department of Physics at 11/21/1996                           : Head of the Department of Physics at Teachers College at the University of the seventh of April to Libya from 2000 to 2005.   Thanks and appreciation: (5) of the Dean and (1) of the university president. Research: 1. determine the level of blood Alceleom / Kufa magazine, the first issue on 05.19.1998 (unpublished). 2. Compositions nuclear study of the isotope in 115 using Photon active in 03.30.1998 (unpublished). 3. Flux account Photon / Horizons magazine show in Libya 05/03/2005 peer cd 111m using a single spectrum system (unpublished). 4. measure the efficiency of the use of germanium detector active photonic woke teachers Libya College Magazine First Issue in 05/03/2003. 5- Transmission of 14mev neutrons by shielding materials employed in dose reduction Published in the Journal of the University of Qadisiyah and participated in the first conference.   Conferences  1. First Scientific Conference at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - University of Qadisiya.    Certificates discretion 1. The qualifying certificate ways of teaching in 1997 from the University of Kufa.  2. document the success of the English proficiency test from Baghdad University in 2005.  3. A certificate of appreciation in the teaching role of the computer to teach the epicenter of Electronic Calculator Kufa University in 2005.