Abbas Hmood AL-Khafagy ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
[email protected]
B.Sc. in Chemical , Faculty of Education Ibn Al-Hatham for Pure and Applied Sciences ,Baghdad University ,Iraq M.Sc. in Bio Chemistry , Faculty of Education education for girl , Kufa University ,Al-Najaf ,Iraq Research Interest 1- Physical Biochemstry 2- Kinentics of Enzymes 3- Metabolism Publications 1- A.H.Al-Khafagy ((Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies on the Adsorption of Albumins on Charcoal Derived From Almonds Shell)) Pak.J.Chem.,Vol.2(2),2012 2-Abbas Hmood Al-Khafajy ((Adsorption of Bovine serum albumin on charcoal derived from walnut shell and peach Nuclei )) International journal Sciences and Technical Research,Issue3,Vol2,2013 3-zainab.J.Mohammed , Abbas .H.Al-Khafagy and Abid Allah . M. Ali ((Preparation Characterization and Biological Study of Hetero cyclic Azo-Schiff Base compound and some of Its Metal complexes )) International journal of current Research,Issuell,Vol.5,2013 4-Asmaa.A.Al-hassani, Abbas .H.Al-Khafagy and Abid Allah.M.Ali ((preparation ,characterization and Biological Activity of new azo ligand and some of Its metal complexes )) World journal of pharmaceutical research vol .3,Issue 10,2014 5-Athraa . S . Al-rammahi , Abbas .H. Al-Khafagy and Faes . A . Al-rammahi ((Synthesis and characterization of oxazepen and imidazolin derivatives from 2-amino - 5-mercaptol-1,3,4-thiadiazol and studying of their biological activity )) World journal of pharmaceutical research vol .4,Issue 2,2015 6) Synthesis ,Characterization and Biological Study of New Method AZO Chelate Complexes . J. of chem.. and Pharmaceutical Res. ,(2016),8(8) 296-302.