abbas ali alfahham ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Arabic Language
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Prof. Dr. abbas ali hussein alfahham Associate dean of scientific affairs at the faculity of basic education since 2009 Najaf. Box 21 University of Kufa +9647801347939 Email: HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected] M.S and PHD from kufa university (republic of Iraq) in critic and rhetoric studies. Researcher activist in local and international conference. Linguistic expert in the presidency of the university of kufa. Associate Dean of science at the faculty of basic education since 2009. Research interests Quranic studies Linguistic and rhetorical. Quranic studies structural and aethetic. Nahj Al-balagha. Critic and literary studies. Applied literary studies. Rhetorical studies. Teaching interests: Rhetoric Quranic text analysis Chosen from Arabic literature Abbasid literature Children's literature Quranic miracle English public Selected publications The books Quranic effect in Nahj al-balagha. Artistic photography in the speeches of Imam Ali. Floguence approach in Nahj al-balagha. Image of the prophet in Nahj al- balagha. The commandment of imam kadhem to Hesham ibn Al-hakam. Studies in Arab poetry. Researches Problematic prosecutors of religiovy thought in the contemporary world France 2012. Violence in Antara's Ghazal (praise women) 2012/ wasit university conference. Nahj al- balagha. choices conference ghadeer (2012) Najaf and the challenges at the contemporary world / conference France / Paris 2012. The philosophy of death of Imam Hussein conference university of karbala. (2012) Impact of scientists Fares in Arab culture rhetoric example. Iran conference 2011. Scientific research centers in Iraq between reality and ambition (2011). Accidental elements in( Noneyyat bin Zaydon) Babylon university magazine 2010 Introduction ruins karbala university magazine. (2010) . the output of higher education and the labor market kufa university for example 2010 conference Bahrain. Method of Imam Ali in statement on his behalf and mentony my him Kufe university magazine 2010. Basra in Nahj al- balagha positions and events conference Basra 2011. Linguistic mystery of creativity in words of Imam Ali 2011. The national discourse in the poetry of sheikh waeli 2010. Physical force of Imam Ali. Analysis of physiologic al- balagha2011. The effect of the curriculum in Arab rapprochement 2010 Egybt. The art of division in Nahj al- balagha2011. Rare indication buildings in Nahj al- balagha2011. Ironic in the poetry of Al-Jawahery2011. Mosa gifts 2012. Ideal in a speech Zahra2012. Commentators and women2011.