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Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) 1. Name: Dr. Sheikh Abbas Kashef Al-Ghetaa 2. DOB: 1961 3. Hawza Curriculum: A professor in scientific HAWZA "Advanced Sutooh". He is a teacher to the books "kifayat al-Usul" and "Makaseb". He attended "Advance Research" lectures by Grand Ayatullah Al-Sayyid Ali al-Hussani al-Sistani for 9 years until he stopped giving lectures. He attended "Advance Research" lectures by Grand Ayatullah Sheikh Al-Merza Ali al-Gharawi (may Allah bless him) until his martyrdom. He attended "Advance Research" lectures by Grand Ayatullah Sheikh Besheer Al-Najafi for 6 months. He attended "Advance Research" lectures by Grand Ayatullah al-Sayyid Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq Al-Sader (may Allah bless him). He started leading the prayer in Kashif Al-Ghetaa mosque since 1991 A. D. He undertook the management of Al-Mahdiya religious school, Kashif Al-Ghetaa library and entails of Kashif Al-Ghetaa family. Sheik Abbas holds the religious lectures every Friday, Muharem and Ramadan in Kashif Al-Ghetaa office. He researched and printed some books of Kashif Al-Ghetaa scholars and the studying books of scientific Hawza. For more information about that, you can visit the website of the foundation: Grand Ayatullah Sheikh Bahjet (may Allah bless him) gave sheik Abbas the agency in Iraq and in distributing the salaries of Hawza students in Iraq. 4. Academic curriculum: Ph. D. degree in religious and Islamic sciences from Baghdad University/ college of legislation (Shariaa) 25/3/1993. Scientific Rank: Asst. professor Specialized: Islamic Fikh (broad) Transaction in Islamic Fikh (narrow) Master degree: (The Bank transaction in Islamic Fikh) in 19/1/1988. Ph.D. degree in Islamic Fikh: (theory in Money gender in Fiqh comparing with Iraqi law) in 25/3/1993. 5. Works: 1-Religion Is The Advice. 2-The Best Of Religion 3- Introduction to Islamic Legislative (SHARIAA) 4- Researches and Articles 5- The Administrative Corruption in Islamic View. 6- The Selector of Fikh Rules. 6. Dr. Abbas was researched many books: 1- Alabakat Al-Anbaria in Jafari layers for Imam Sheik Mohamed Al-Hussein Kashif AL-Getaa. 2- Al-Imama for Grand Ayatullah Sheik Abbas Kashif Al-Ghetaa. 3- Al-Anwar Al-Fikhiya for Grand Ayatullah Sheik Hassan Kashif Al-Ghetaa. 4- The Sixteen rules for Grand Ayatollah Sheik Jaffer Kashif AL-Getaa. 7. Researches are published in scientific journals : 1- Elem Al-Adyan in Al-Najaf School for Sheik AL-Belaqi as a model. 2- The updating religious issues in the religious school of Najaf. 3- Fatwa Council or collective Ijtihad. 4- The Administrative Corruption in Islamic View. 8. The workplace: a teacher in scientific Hawza in Al-Najaf A-Ashraf and assistant professor in College of jurisprudence / University of Kufa. 9. Cultural activities: Sheik Abbas was a founder to the General Kashif Al-Ghetaa Foundation and he is a secretary general to it now. 10. Participation in conferences: 1- The Jordan proximity conference in 2004. 2- The conference of scholar Sharaf Al-Deen in Iran in 2005 3- The conference of scholar Al-Balaaqi in Iran in 2007 4- Conferences for college of jurisprudence and university of Kufa and etc. 5- Conference opening of mosque and Zainabia foundation in Turkey. 6- The world conference of two martyrs in Iran 2009. 7- Arab League conference for madding, publishing, printing and distribution of the book in the Arab land (Egypt) 2010. 8- The conference of Al-sayyid Abd Al-Aala Al-Sabzewari in Iran in 2010 9- The Fourth endowment Forum in Kuwait 2013 • Mobil: 07801006730 • Foundation phone : 333081 • Email: [email protected] • Website of Sheik Dr. Abbas: [email protected]