Ameer Abd Al fahiam ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning - ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
Full name and surname: Ameer Abdul Akhowa Hassan Al-Faham Births: Najaf, Kufa Alacharf- -23/3/1972 Religion Muslim Address: Iraq -najaf- justice neighborhood - the role of teachers. Email: [email protected]: Bachelor's degree: Graduate university, including: Baghdad University - Faculty of Agriculture - Department of Horticulture General jurisdiction: gardening and landscaping Jurisdiction flour: the design of external spaces Date of obtaining the doctorate certificate: 2014 Master's degree: University graduate including: Kufa University - Faculty of Agriculture - Department of Horticulture Jurisdiction year: gardening (plant production) and landscaping The date of obtaining the certificate: 12/07/2005 Thesis title: after selecting the geometric shape of the trees surrounding buildings parks in promoting the architectural form of these buildings. Job Title: Kufa University / College of Urban / partition / teaching / environmental planning planning teacher title. Material that has been taught previously. 1 basics of garden design. 2 garden design. 3 landscaping. 4 engineering drawing. 5 principles of gardening. 6 Design of public and open spaces. Scientific conferences and symposia in which he participated: 1 -training course in Excel Kufa University / Computer Center system, 2002. 2 -Course teaching methods Kufa University / College of Education for Girls in, 2006. 3 -preparatory course at the University of Kufa Windows / Calculator System Center ,2006. 4 -cycle Google Scholar Kufa University / Computer Center in, 2014. 5 -discipline Kufa University / College of Urban Planning of state employees in 2015 cycle. 6 -cycle GIS Kufa University / College of Urban Planning in 2015. 7 -Central leaders University of Kufa, 2016. Organizations, trade unions and federations with common: 1- Agricultural Engineers Association Baghdad in, 1996 2- Teachers Association of Najaf in, 2001 Research published: 1. after choosing the geometry of the palm trees surrounding buildings in promoting the architectural form of these buildings 0.2007 2. Development of the external spaces of the University of Kufa - Analytical Study 0.2014Effect of spraying fenugreek seed exteacts rigonella foenum- graecum L. and Salicylic acid on growth and flowering parameters of snapdragon plant ( Antirrhinum majus L.)2016.