Thaer Abd-Alzaraa Al-mosawy ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - ( Head of the Department )
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Assistant Professor. Thaer Abd-Alzaraa Mohsin Al-mosawy
PhD. Islamic Studies ( Hadith Sciences )
Jurisprudency -
Head of the Department

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Biography C V Thaer Abdul Zahra Mohsen: Full Name Surname: Moussawi. Place and date of birth: Najaf 1/1/1972. Marital status: Married and number of children 6. Housing: Najaf / Al-Mohandiseen. Nationality: Iraqi Religion Muslim E-mail: Mohsin @ uokufa Phone: 0781001001 Ether, 07710001001 Asia Current Position: Head of Department of Modern Sciences / Faculty of Fiqh / University of Kufa Certificate: Ph.D. Scientific title: Assistant Professor General Jurisdiction: Shari'a and Islamic Sciences Specialization: Modern Sciences. Certificates: - He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sharia and Islamic Sciences He holds a master's degree in Shari'a and Islamic Sciences. The title of the thesis (Sheikh Al-Sadouk and his modern efforts / a book not attended by the jurist model) He holds a PhD in Sharia and Islamic Sciences / Quran and Hadith. And the title of the message: (Mursil Al-Sadouk and its impact in the development of Islamic jurisprudence) and got a very good estimate high (89) Other certificates :- He holds a Diploma in NLP from the Arab Forum for Human Development. Holds the Strategic Planning and Leadership Development Certificate from the International Academy for Personal Training / Canada. He holds five degrees in computer leadership, three of which are international. Qualifications : Ten researches published in refereed scientific journals. Book printed and multiple editions entitled Sheikh Sadouk and his modern efforts Dozens of books of thanks and appreciation from the university president and deans of faculties: Basic Education, Management and Economics, Nursing, Medicine, Girls Education, Mathematics and Computer, Dentistry, and Fiqh. Professor of Hadith Assistant for Graduate Studies in the Department of Quran and Hadith Member of the Scientific Committee for Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Fiqh. Supervising and discussing master's and doctoral dissertations in many universities. He thanked the President of Anbar University, the President of Wasit University, and the President of Diyala University. Many certificates of appreciation for the many participations in festivals and conferences inside and outside the university. President and member of many committees at the University of Kufa and the College of Fiqh and Basic Education. Secretary General of the Central Library of the University of Kufa for three years. Skills: speed learning / problem solving in creative ways / audience / social communication / persuasion Computer and Internet Skills / Hobbies: Blogging / Reading / Volunteering / Language Learning / Culture Recognition / Sports / Knowledge


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