shaymaa essam albaldawi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Archeaology -
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Assistant Lecturer. shaymaa essam alawi albaldawi
Master Arts ( Cuneiform )
Archeaology -

Date of Birth: 1985-05-23
( female )

General Information
Holds a Bachelor degree in archaeology from the University of Baghdad College of Arts-legacy effects section in 2007-2008. and masters degree in archaeology -Cuneiform of the same University in 4/3/2013. Started work at the University of Kufa on 8/12/2013 with the title of Assistant Lecture. Published research : 1- models of some stones in the light of the cuneiform texts and archaeological markers/university of Baghdad / Faculty of Arts/Journal of Studies in History and antiquities/2016. 2- Music and mirth in ancient Iraq /Center of Kufa Studies/ 17/4/2017 . 2-


Sellected Publications

نماذج لبعض الأحجار في ضوء النصوص المسمارية والشواهد الأثرية
2016 - Arts - مجلة دراسات في التاريخ والأثار
الموسيقى والطرب في العراق القديم
2016-2017 - Arts - مركز دراسات الكوفة

Research Topics

Archaeology, Ancient Mesopotamian languages (Sumerian and Akkadian),  


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