Dr.Rasha Amer Al-Tufaili ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Science -
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Assistant Professor. Dr.Rasha Amer Nouri Al-Tufaili
PhD. Science ( Medical parasitology )
Science -

Date of Birth: 1978-08-14
( female )

General Information
Name : RashaAmerNouri Al-Tufaili . Birth and location : Najaf /Kufa 14/8/1987 Address : Faculty of sciences /university of kufa / dept.laboratory investigation. Occupation : Lecturer . Certificates : B.Sc. Biology (Faculty of sciences /university of kufa/ Biology )1999-2000. M.Sc. Biology /zoology /Parasitology - Faculty of sciences /university of kufa 2002-2003. PhD.zoology /Medical Parasitology - Faculty of sciences /university of kufa 2013-2014. Subjects: Zoology . Parasitology . Cytology . Genetic . Invertebrates. Entomology . Administrative positions: Associate Director of the dormitories 2006-2007. Coordinator of dept.laboratory investigation. Elves: Member of the examination committee. Member of the Quality Committee. Member of the Committee on Educational Guidance. Committee Chairman Purchases. Member of the Scientific Committee. Inventions and creativity: She holds a creativity in centrifuges Rechargeable mobile device manufacturing


Sellected Publications

Epidemiology of cystic echinococcosis in Al-Najaf province
2015 - Science - Kufa Journal For Veterinary Medical Sciences
tudy of toxoplasmosis distribution rate in pregnant women and its relation with abortion and adenosine deaminase enzyme activity in Najaf province
2015 - Science - ournal: AL-Qadisiya Journal of Veterinary Medicine Science

Research Topics

parasite, protozoa &helminth,  


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