nashat ali al-khfaje ( Lecturer )
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Lecturer. nashat ali omran al-khfaje
PhD. Arts ( Cuneiform )
Archeaology -

Date of Birth: 1967-03-02
( male )

General Information
Bachelor / Archaeology / College of Arts / University of Qadisiya effects Master / Archaeology / College of Arts / University of Baghdad PhD / cuneiform studies / Faculty of Arts / University of Baghdad. Publications 2016: Unpublished Cuneiform Texts from Akkdian Period, Dissertation Baghdad University 20xx: ‘A view of religious life of Akkadian’, Journal of Studies in History and Archaeology (in Arabic), (2016). 20xx: ‘The economy during the Old Akkadian period’, Journal of Studies in History and Archaeology (in Arabic), (2016). Conference Paper 2015: The Future of the Past: Addressing the Cultural Heritage Crisis in Iraq and Syria, 16–18 October 2015, the Koç University (Istanbul). Organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Columbia University, and the Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations.


Sellected Publications

An Akkadian Text about Metrics and Sizes
2018 - Human Studies - مجلة دراسات في التاريخ والآثار
A Double Date Formula of the Old Akkadian King MANISHTUSU
2019 - Human Studies - Journal of Cuneform Studies

Research Topics



اثار العراق في عصور ماقبل التاريخ    
- - Stage 1 ||  
اللغة الاكدية    
- - Stage 2 ||  
عبور 1    
- - Stage 3 ||  

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