Nabeel Sahib Al-Jed ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
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Lecturer. Nabeel Sahib Majeed Al-Jed
PhD. Medicine ( medical mycology )
Medicine - General Medicine

Date of Birth: 1960-11-26
( male )

General Information
Obtained a bachelor's degree from the Department of Life Sciences - Faculty of Science - University of Baghdad in 1985 She received her master's degree in Microbiology - University of Kufa in 2001 PhD in Microbiology, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, 2017 Effective practice in the field of specialization (microbiology) since 1985 in laboratories of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization and laboratories of the University of Baghdad / Faculty of Science, University of Kufa laboratories, water and sewage laboratories at the University of Najaf Supervisor in the vaccination campaigns against measles in the district of Kufa and under the auspices of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society / Najaf Operations Branch, in addition to supervising the field visits of students of the fourth stage Faculty of Medicine - University of Kufa Participant in special training courses in Microbiology (Bacteria, Viruses, Immunology, Parasites, Fungi and others) In addition to participating in many workshops held by the University of Kufa (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy) Participated in many local scientific conferences related to Microbiology Research (Bacteria, Viruses, Immunology, Parasites, fungi and others), University of Kufa, Baghdad University, Mustansiriya University, Babel University, Karbala University, Qadisiyah University Expertise in microbiology, microbiology, microbiology, microbiology of soil, microbiology of water and sewage, microbiology of food and dairy products Member of the Procurement Committees and the Examination Committee, added to the Maintenance and Reconstruction Committee at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa, 2002-2004 Member of the Association of Iraqi microbiologists and a participant in all scientific and theoretical activities from 1985 - until now Teaching in the Microbiology Branch - Faculty of Medicine - University of Kufa for the period 1995 - until now Campaign of providing support and medical support to the people of the village of Wahhabi / Kufa district in 2001 Acknowledgments from the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa on 30/8/2001 Acknowledgments from the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa on 18/7/2001 Acknowledgments from the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa on 4/1/2003 Acknowledgments from the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa on 23/3/2005 Acknowledgments from the Presidency of the University of Kufa on 17/4/2011 Acknowledgments from the Presidency of the University of Kufa on 9/10/2011 Published: Microbiological Study of Cholesterol - Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Kufa Incidence of Intestinal Parasites - Journal of the University of Babylon Infestation among elementary school student in Al-Kufa district Published Articles: Epidemiological Analysis of Cholera cases and carriers in Al-Najaf Governorate - Al-Sabah Newspaper / Iraqi Media Network- 2005 English language is very well spoken, read and written Republic of Iraq Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research University of Kufa/ College of Medicine C.V. MR. NABEEL SAHIB MAJEED Date of Birth : 29/11/1960 Mobile : +964 7802556201 +964 7802556203 +967 7805001595 E-mail : [email protected] • Teaching staff Member in college of medicine. Born in Najaf 1960. Living in A1-Shuara'a quarter- Al-Najaf province - Iraq . • At the present time, working as lecturer in the department of community medicine since 2001 and up to date . OBJECTIVE Lecturer (B. Sc. M. Sc) in Microbiology . ACTIVITIES Supervisor in vaccination campaign against Measles in Al-Kufa district overseen by ICCR . Many local, national and regional medical and Microbiological conferences, training courses in Epidemiology, Bacteriology and Immunology for general practitioners and resident staff . participated in the Microbiological committees for many years in Immunology, Virology and many fields in Bacteriology, Such as pathogenic bacteriology, food and dairy products Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, water and sewage Microbiology, soil microbiology and so on. ACADEMIC ATTAINMENTS 1- B. Sc in Microbiology College of Science- University of Baghdad —1985. 2- M. Sc in Microbiology College of Education - University of Kufa - 2001. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (1) 1985 - 1990 served in previous Iraqi military in the class of medic. (2) 1990 - 1995 employee (Bacteriology) in the general establishment for water and swage. (3) 1995 - 1998 employee (Microbiology) in college of medicine branch of community medicine. (4) 2001 till this time teacher (assistant teacher) in college of medicine. PUBLICATIONS & PAPERS Microbiological study of Cholecystitis. Incidence of Intestinal parasites infestation among primary school students in AlKufa district


Sellected Publications

دراســــة بـــــكــــتريــــــــــولــوجــــيــة حـــول تـــنــــشــــيط نـــظـــــام الخـــلايا الــبــلعـــمــيـــة ( الـــخــلايا الألتــــهامــية )
2007 - Medicine - مجلة طب الكوفة
دراســــــة في علم الهـــيـــماتـــولوجـــي للـــنــساء فــي مــنـطـقـة وســـــــط العراق
2006 - Medicine - مجلة جامعة بابل
دراســـــة مــناعيــة للمرضى في محافظة النجف الأشرف مع استجابة الأجسام المضادة المتخصصة
2008 - Medicine - مجلة جامعة بابل
Isolation and Identificution of Cryptococcus neoformans from some Environmental resources in Najaf covernorate
2017 - Medicine - مجلة كربلاء للعلوم الزراعية
Molecular |Serotyping of Cryptococcus neoformans Isolated from Environmental Sources
2017 - Medicine - مجلة جامعة بابل

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Selected Module    
- General Medicine - Stage 3 ||  

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