Mohammed Hassan Ali Dkhail ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Political Sciences - Political Science
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Assistant Professor. Mohammed Hassan Ali Mohammed Dkhail
PhD. Human Studies ( Political systems )
Political Sciences - Political Science

Date of Birth: 1974-12-09
( male )

General Information
Mohammed Hassan Dakhil He holds a doctorate in political science in 2008 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science, Department of Political Systems Islamic jurisprudence - sociology - constitutional law and comparative political systems - regimes in the Arab world He has published numerous research papers on political science and a thousand systematic books in political science


Sellected Publications

قضايا شائكة في الفكر السياسيالاسلامي
2016 - Human Studies - ا
دور التعددية الحزبية في الحياة السياسية للدول
2016 - Human Studies - ا
دور الثنائية الحزبية في الحياة السياسية للدول
2016 - Human Studies - ا
الحرياة العامة غيظلالظروف الاستثنائية
2015 - Human Studies - ا
الفكر السياسي الاسلامي المعاصر
2016 - Human Studies - ا

Research Topics



علم اجتماع سياسي    
- Political Science - Stage 2 ||  

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