Luma Hafedh Oneizah ( Assistant Lecturer )
College Dentistry - General Dentistry
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Assistant Lecturer. Luma Hafedh Abed Oneizah
Master Science ( Laser Physics )
Dentistry - General Dentistry

Date of Birth: 1983-12-10
( female )

General Information
I holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Technology Department of the laser and the top ten 2005-2006 I holds a master's degree from the University of Kufa, Faculty of Science / jurisdiction of the laser 2013 Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Dentistry University of Kufa Department of Basic Science and Medical Physics Branch


Sellected Publications

Investigation on performance development of the second harmonic generation (SHG) with LiNbO3 application
2013 - Science - مجله جامعه كربلاء العلميه

Research Topics



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