Laith Zuhair Alsakafi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Business Management   ( Head of Division )
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Assistant Professor. Laith Zuhair Abdulaleer Alsakafi
Master Management ( human resource management and development )
Administration and Economics - Business Management  
Head of Division

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I am Layth Zuhair Al-Sakafi, I am a lecturer inOrganisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and generally in Management filed, I’ve got my B.Sc. in Administration of Business from University of Kufa (2006-2007). After that, I also got a M.Sc. in Human Resource Management and Development from Salford University in the UK. In academic career, I joined the University of Kufa since 2008 and I was in charge of Quality Assurance Section at the University House and I also worked as a member in the preparatory committees for two quality conferences and six seminars. As well as, I was member of the central committee to quality administration from 29 October 2008 to 25 August 2009. Currently I am a lecturer in the College of the Administration&Economics and I have also some administrational works within the Department of Quality assurance in the University House which can be represented by doing the English website of that Department and other required works. The current focus for my research interest is to find out the impact of the role of conflict within the academic organization and this may forward to have depth knowledge of the academic leadership. Moving forward to another research interest which can be represented by the way of recruiting people within the organizations and this would mean the Recruitment Methods. How to introduce the required skills after recruiting the applicants is also linked to our passion. Furthermore, these are suitable subjects which I like to research. However, I do believe that there are some other interesting topics need to be investigated later on.


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Role Conflict, Administrative Leadership,  


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