Laila Ali Salih ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
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Assistant Professor. Laila Ali Moahmmed Salih
PhD. Education ( inorganic chemistry )
Education for Women - Chemistry

Date of Birth:
( female )

General Information
M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry from College of education for girls/ University of Kufa


Sellected Publications

Synthesis, Characterizat ion, Structural Studies and Biological Activity of anew macrocyclic Schiff base ligand and its complexation with Selected Metal Ions
2013 - Science - Dep.of Chemistry, College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, Iraq. Journal of Scientific Re
synthesis and characterization studies of n2o2 (azo-azo methane) ligand with divalent metal ions (co, ni and cu) complexes
2013 - Science - journal of chemistry and chemical sciences, vol.3, issue 2, 1 april, 2013 (48-96)
Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Characterization of some transition metal complexes whit New heterocyclic(Azo -Schiff base) ligand Derived from 4-amino antipyrine and Study of the Biological screening of the gold complex as anticancer
2018 - Science - Nano Biomed Eng.2018 vol.10,Iss3
Spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) by analytical reagent derived from imidazole and 4-aminoantypyrine and application in different sample
2015 - Science - University of kufa

Research Topics

1- Preparation of new Hetero cyclic compounds as Ligands. , 2- Using these ligands in preparation metals complexes. , 3- Study the Ideal circumstances for metals complexes with new Ligands,  


الكيمياء اللا عضوية    
- Chemistry - Stage 2 ||  
الكيمياء اللا عضوية    
- Chemistry - Stage 2 ||  

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