Karrar Abd Ali Al-Ameed ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Chemistry
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Assistant Lecturer. Karrar Abd Ali Saeed Al-Ameed
PhD. Science ( Physical chemistry- Quantum Chemistry )
Science - Chemistry

Date of Birth: 1985-02-18
( male )

General Information

BSc and MSc in chemistry, University of Kufa, and DPhil in inorganic chemistry, University of Oxford, UK. my research focuses on studying the electronic and magnetic properties of open-shell transition metal complexes. We use computational chemistry to understand the chemistry of inorganic clusters. Here are some of the topics I am interesting to find answers to:  

  1. Molecular Magnetism: Nature of magnetic coupling between the transition metals centres within the molecular clusters.
  2. Spin Crossover: Switching from one spin state to another on the metal centres. (from high spin to low spin and vice versa). Also, exploring what triggers such transitions.
  3. Site Preference: Investigating metallic ion competition on certain site within the molecular cluster.
  4. Double Exchange: Exploring the nature of electron hooping between two or more open-shell metal centres.
  5. Charge Transfer Complexes: Interpreting the electronic spectra of transition metal complexes.



Sellected Publications

Mechanistically Driven Control over Cubane Oxo Cluster Catalysts
2019 - Science - Journal of the American Chemical Society
A Redox‐Induced Spin‐State Cascade in a Mixed‐Valent Fe3(μ3‐O) Triangle
2017 - Science - Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Site preferences in hetero-metallic [Fe9−xNix] clusters: a combined crystallographic, spectroscopic and theoretical analysis
2017 - Science - Dalton Transactions
A trigonal prismatic Cu6-pyrazolato complex containing a μ6-F ligand
2015 - Science - Dalton Transactions

Research Topics

Computational Inorganic Chemistry, Quantum chemistry , computational chemistry ,  


الكيمياء اللاعضوية ف1    
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الكيمياء اللاعضوية    
- Chemistry - Stage 1 ||  

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