Jawad kadhum alshamis ( Lecturer )
College Sciences - Chemical
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Lecturer. Jawad kadhum jawad alshamis
Master Science ( Organic Chemistry )
Sciences - Chemical

Date of Birth: 1960-02-01
( male )

General Information
Lecturer Jawad kadhum jawad habib alshamis University of Kufa Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry Kufa, P.O. Box 21 Najaf Governorate, Iraq E mail: [email protected] B.Sc. from college of education, and M. Sc from college of science -salahaldeen University \ Erbil in organic chemistry. Lecturer of organic chemistry and identification of organic compound in college of science since 2006.


Sellected Publications

Quantitative and qualitative IR studies of some synthesized aromatic polysulfides
1986 - Science - Journal of applied polymer
Immobilization of Urease Enzyme on Anion Exchange Resin
2012 - Science - مجلة جامعة بابل
التحلل الحراري للبولي بيوتادايين
2011 - Science - مجلة الكوفة للكيمياء
تحضير مادة كلورومثيل ايثر رياديا
2001 - Science - مجلة الهندسة
تنقية الهكسان الصناعي من المركبات العطرية
2001 - Science - مجلة هندسة النفط
تحضير مبادل الايونات الموجبة ألحامضي القوي
2002 - Science - مجلة علوم المستنصرية

Research Topics

Ion Exchange Application, preparation of organic comps. &polymers & Application of ion exchange,  


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