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Professor. ayad jameel jebur alkhafaji
PhD. Agriculture ( farm machinery )
Head of the Department

Date of Birth: 1974-03-01
( male )

General Information
Ph.D., MA and B.Sc. Agricultural Machinery, University of Baghdad 2007, 2001 and 1998. Professor. Scientific and Administrative Positions Associate Dean, Editor in Chief of the Kufa Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Director of Research and Development of Agriculture, Director of the Advisory Office. I held specialized scientific courses 15, participated in two sessions outside Iraq and four local. Published ten scientific researches. Teaching different subjects for PhD, MA and BS students. Discussant of several Masters Thesis.


Sellected Publications

Performance of combined tillage equipment and it’s effect on soil properties
2018 - Agriculture - International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology (IJEAB)
Vibration Transmission by Tractor to The Driver at Different Operation Sites
2019 - Agriculture - journal of engineering and applied sciences
Vibration transmission by combine harvester to the driver at different operative conditions during paddy harvest
2016 - Agriculture - international journal of scince and nature
تأثير نظام الحراثة و الزراعة في كفاءة استعمال مياه الري و حاصل الحبوب لمحصول الرز
2010 - Agriculture - مجلة الكوفة للعلوم الزراعية
Effect Of Subsoiler Plowing Depth On The Removing of Hardpan and Corn Yield تأثير عمق الحراثة بالمحراث تحت التربة في كفاءة التخلص من الطبقة الصلبة Hardpan و حاصل الذرة الصفراء
2009 - Agriculture - مجلة الكوفة للعلوم الزراعية
Effect Of Seeding Speed And The Compression Force Of Loading Spring On Disc drill Performance تأثير سرعة البذار و قوة ضغط نابض الفجاج في أداء باذرة الحبوب القرصية
2011 - Agriculture - مجلة الكوفة للعلوم الزراعية
2020 - Agriculture - Plant Archives

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