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intisar kaji Alzank ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Archeaology -
[email protected]
Assistant Professor. intisar kaji Abed Alzank
PhD. Human Studies ( ancienthistory/the ancient east )
Archeaology -

Date of Birth: 0000-00-00
( female )

General Information
Assistant professor has several unpublished research them (the banners of the ancient gods in ancient Egypt) in the Journal of Studies in archeology, history / Faculty of Arts / University of Baghdad importaneof woter in the old Iraq (studeis t in archeology, histort )


Sellected Publications

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Research Topics



آثار الشرق الادنى القديم(مصر وبلاد الشام)    
- - Stage 4 ||  
حضار ات كلاسيكية (اليونان والرومان)    
- - Stage 3 ||  

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