Ebtihal Chied Albarqaawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
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Lecturer. Ebtihal Chied Abass Albarqaawi
PhD. Medicine ( Dermatology and Cosmetology )
Medicine - General Medicine

Date of Birth: 1972-07-10
( female )

General Information
Name: Ebtihal Chiad Abass 1-Academic achievement - Ph.D. Immunology, microbiology, collage of medicine – Kufa University 2013 - M.Sc. microbiology collage of medicine – Kufa University 2005 - B.Sc biology, collage of sciences – Babylon University 1996 2-University teaching - Immunopathology in collage of medicine - Kufa university - Immunopathology in collage of dentistry- Kufa university - Infectious disease in collage of medicine- Kufa university - Molecular technique in collage of medicine Kufa university - Infectious disease in collage of dentistry- Kufa university. - Immunopathology in collage of medicine– Jabir Ibn Hayyan - Infectious disease in collage of medicine- Jabir Ibn Hayyan 3-Working experiences - Bacteriological test - Immunological technique - Molecular technique 4-Membership of Society: - Member of the Pathology Department ( 1999 till now ) - Member of the Examination Committee (2006-2009) (2013- till now) - Member of the Committee Quality performance (2013- till now) - Members of laboratory in Alsader medical city (1999-2002) (2005- 2007) 5-Conference - Cytokines and their immunological role Science collage Kufa university 2014 - H5N1 disease department of microbiology , collage of medicine , kufa university - Conference of nutrition , collage of medicin – kufa university 2016 6- Publish paper - Abbas E.Ch.,Al-janaabi A.A and Neema J.K 2005: Immunological study of the serum complement and other serological parameters in correlation to histopathology in Helicobacter Pylori Infection. Kufa medical Journal - Detection of secondary infection in cutaneous Leishmaniasis Al_Qadisiah Medical Journal (2009). - Cytokines measurement of Th-1,Th-2 and Th-17 associated with Psoriasis patients. Nursing Journal 2013 . - Incidence and Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from skin lesion of psoriasis patients. Al-Qadisiyha Journal for science 2014. - Cytokine serum level association with superantigen production by Staphylococcus aureus in Psoriasis Vulgaris RJPBCS , volume 7 issue 3. Languages Arabic English


Sellected Publications

Immunohistochemistry Study Urothelial Carcinoma using Tumor Markers (EGFR, EMA and CD117)
2020 - Medicine - Systematic Review Pharmacy Vol 11, Issue 4, 2020
Association of IL-17 with hepatitis A virus Childhood infection patients less than 10 years old
2020 - Medicine - Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research; Cuddalore

Research Topics

medical microbiology, properdin and renal transplantation ,  


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- General Medicine - Stage 3 ||  

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