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Professor. hussein sami abd-alsahib shaer ali
PhD. Islamic Studies ( Hadith Sciences )
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He holds a Master's degrees and two PhDs, the first in the history of the Islamic heritage and the second in Sharia and Islamic Studies from the University of Kufa. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Theology 2010-2011 m. Head of the Koran and the Hadith Sciences 2011-2012 m. Director of Graduate Studies. Co-founder of a number of private universities (Sheikh Tusi University College, Faculty of Humanities University). A book: (methodological rules for cash aboard modern) (rooting term newborn when Muslims). Discussed a number of messages and graduate thesis at the University of Kufa and the University of Baghdad. Concerns teaching ........................ Intellectual currents Recycled theology Compositions .......... Introduction to Mr. Hassan Alsdrkds God's secret Investigation words Ibn al-Athir Research published ..................... Documentation and Altdaev and translation implicit in men Negus Technical differences between the science and know-how use-terms Grounds and reasons for the issuance of an interview with Salman us Ahl al-Bayt Additions methodology when Mr. Hassan al-Sadr (weak Hadith) as a Model Novels Alvetoaiah forward Musa Bin Jaafar Bsaalat his brother Ali bin Jafar (ra)


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