hayfaa jasim AL-snbawy ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
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Assistant Professor. hayfaa jasim mohemmed AL-snbawy
Master Education ( Physical chemistry )
Education for Women - Chemistry

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General Information
M.Sc from kufa university , master year 2006 , teacher 2012. ass prof 2015 my researches in adsorption of dyes ,study of activity of chemical compounds , inorganic , more researches . Research Interests : Preparation Schiff base and azo ligand.- -Preparation complexes of compound -Study thrmodynmicof adsorption compounds - Study spectral Teaching Interests: - phsicall chemistry.- - Organic chemistry -


Sellected Publications

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Adsorption of Eriochrome Black-T from Aqueous Media on Rice bran and on its coal
2010 - Education - مجلة الكوفة
دراسة المتغيرات الثرمودينامكية و لإمتزاز دواء هيدروكلوريد البروانولول من محلوله المائـي علـى سطحـي الفحـم المنشـط و قشـور البيـض المعامل حراريا
2011 - Education - مجلة الكوفة لعلوم الكيمياء
Thermodynamics of adsorption of some dyes from aqueous media on sunflower stalks.
2011 - Education - مجلة القادسية
دراسة ومقارنة امتزاز الصبغتين الكونكو الحمراء والجنتين البنفسجيةCong Red و Gentine violet على سطح أوراق الصفصاف في محاليلها المائية
2014 - Education - جامعة القادسية
Spectrophotometric Study of 2-Aminophenol and Catechol Via Reaction with p-Aminoacetophenone .
2009 - Education - المجلة القطرية للكيمياء
Micro Determination Study and Organo physical properties of 2-Aminophenol and Catechol with 4-aminoantipyrine in the Presence of Potassium Iodate
2009 - Education - مجلة الجامعة الأسلامية
Removal of water- soluble Fast Green and Crystal violet Days with modified clay
2008 - Education - المجلة القطرية للكيمياء
Removal of Leshman's stain from aqueous solution By adsorption on modified kaolin and kaolin clays in Batch Techniques
2010 - Education - مجلة القادسية -العلوم الصرفة
Removal of Cationic Methylene blue Dye by Germanium oxide and Yttrium oxide
2009 - Education - مجلة أوراك

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