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Lecturer. ammer abdalhussein abbas alhchaimi
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Date of Birth: 1976-11-05
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General Information
Name: Amer Abdul Hussein Abbas Mohsen Al – Hajimi Nationality: Iraqi Place and date of birth: Dhi Qar _ Souk al-Shuyukh _ Karma Bani Saeed _ on 5/11/1966 Marital status: Married Summary of his life: He completed his elementary and secondary studies in his area _ Karma Bani Saeed _ and moved to Baghdad to complete the university. He participated in the popular uprising in 1991 and after the failure of the regime and the occupation of their cities and homes, he took refuge with his family to the border area of Salman with Saudi Arabia, and to Rafha camp in Najd where he stayed for about a year. He Returned to Iraq after the fall of the former regime, but left Iraq back to Syria and remained until 2012, where he was forced to leave due to the outbreak of civil war to settle in Najaf and works as a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Kufa. Educational attainment : Bachelor of Law - University of Baghdad 1986_ 1990. Hawzah studies _ Introductions and surfaces _ the estate of Imam Khomeini _ Syria _ 1992 _2001 and an external research student currently. Bachelor of Sharia: Branch of Divinity _ Department of Philosophy and Islamic Wisdom _ Azad University 2008. Master of Law - Department of Public Law - Islamic University of Lebanon – 2010. PhD student at the Islamic University of Lebanon - Department of Public Law - the second year. Thesis title (relationship between the legislative and executive authorities under the permanent Iraqi constitution). Work experience : • Professor of Arabic Language and Literature in the departments of Sayeda Zeinab and Al-Mortada Institute for Islamic Sciences, Damascus 1990- 2012. • Researcher and linguistic consultant in the Foundation of Ahl Albayt to revive the heritage _ Damascus 1990 _ 2012. • Assistant Lecturer for the subject of The commandments and inheritance in the Faculty of Law _ Muthanna University _2013 to 2015. • Assistant Lecturer of International Organizations at the Faculty of Law - University of Kufa 2015 since 2015 and until now. Cultural and Literary Activity: Poet and writer contributed to the revival of many religious ceremonies and national events in the Diaspora, and published a number of his literary articles in the newspapers and magazines of the former Iraqi opposition, and was a member of the Wednesday cultural forum in Sayeda Zeinab. Printed and in print: 1. Al yakzanyat : It is a collection of poetic poems spoken in his son (Yakzan) leave for the poem of the great poet Mustafa Jamal al-Din, and has collected and arranged and comment on it _ printed from Dar al-Mahja _ Beirut 2006. 2. Freedom of opinion and its credibility in the media and strike: Legal research submitted for the diploma. 3. The Iranian nuclear program in the light of international law: a written legal research submitted to the Islamic University in Beirut to obtain a master's degree _ Zain Legal Library _ Beirut – 2012 . 4. Rassafi's views on politics, religion and the meeting between truth and deception ,It is divided into two sections: the first section reviews his life, his literature, his political and scientific opinions, and the second section comments and responses on his book entitled: The Iraqi Message in Politics, Religion and Society. 5. Poetry book in print. 6. Poetic evidence in the approach of rhetoric: under work.


Sellected Publications

مبداء الفصل بين السلطات وتمايز الانظمة السياسية في ضوئه
2016-2017 - Law - مجلة الكوفة للعلوم القانونية والسياسية - جامعة الكوفة - كلية القانون
التنظيم القانوني لاستخدام الطاقة النووية
2012 - Law - مكتبة زين الحقوقية والادبية - بيروت

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المنظمات الدولية    
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المنظمات الدولية    
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المنظمات الدولية    
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المنظمات الدولية    
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المنظمات الدولية    
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