Alaa Abadi AL-Shamary ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Pharmacy - General Pharmacy
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Assistant Professor. Alaa Abadi Habeeb AL-Shamary
PhD. Science ( physical chemistry )
Pharmacy - General Pharmacy

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General Information
Teaching at the Faculty of Pharmacy 1- Master's degree from the Faculty of Science / University of Babylon and excellence 2- PhD in chemistry / physiological chemistry 3 - Certificate of creativity supported by the Ministries of Higher Education and the Environment in ((address the environmental problem of the impact of insecticides permetherin & tetramethrine on the ecosystem in Iraq))  4. ICDL certificate 5- ToEFL ITP Certificate 6. IC3 Certificate 2005 7 - Obtaining a certificate of participation in the research conference of graduate studies in the College of Science 2016 and 2017 8) Obtain a patent () for the effect of the use of vitamin C on the liver and kidneys in female white rats. Spectroscopic and histological study (2018) 9 - Obtain many many books of thanks and the latest in 2018 from the Minister and the President of the University 10 - Obtaining a certificate of participation in the international conference held in the sacred scene in Iran for research submitted 11- Obtain the International Creativity Award at the second conference at Babylon University 12- Obtain the certificate of participation of the conference of the second international innovation at the University of Babylon 13- Obtain the international creativity shield at the second conference at Babylon University 14- Obtaining a certificate of participation in the first international conference in the Faculty of Pharmacy / University of Kufa 15. Research published inside Iraq 16. Research published outside Iraq 4 17. Participation in the number of workshops and courses inside and outside the college


Sellected Publications

Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Chemo-Physical Properties of New Ligands with Complexes of (Zn2+)
2014 - Science - Asian Journal of Research In Chemistry
Preparation, physiochemical characterization and biological activity study of new ligands (Azo - Imine)
2014 - Science - International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

Research Topics

study the chemical strucure of compund and stydy the comuptetional chemist, physical chemistry ,computational chemistry,  


Physical Pharmacy II    
- General Pharmacy - Stage 2 ||  

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