Ahmed Hameed Al-Thabhawee ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - General Veterinary ( Dean )
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Assistant Professor. Ahmed Hameed Abboud Al-Thabhawee
PhD. Veterinary Medicine ( Pathology )
Veterinary Medicine - General Veterinary

Date of Birth: 1964-07-01
( male )

General Information
Ahmed Hameed Abboud Al-Thabhawee Professor , Dean of Faculty of Veterinary medicine –Kufa University Kufa , P,O,Box 145 Najaf Governorate, Iraq Mobile No : +9647801799513 E-mail : [email protected] EDUCATION BVMS, M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Baghdad University – College of veterinary medicine (Iraq) in Veterinary pathology. WORK -Lecturer in College of medicine, college of veterinary medicine in Universities of Baghdad and Kufa. -Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Kufa University, August 2008-present. -Chairman of deans' committee of Iraqi veterinary colleges, December 2014-present. Teaching and Research Interests: 1. Veterinary pathology 2. Cancer researches 3. Animal tissue culture Administrative Experiences: 1. Supervising on the scientific , student and administrative affairs in our faculty. 2. Supervising on the training programs of faculty members to improve their experiences and skills. 3. Supervising on organization of scientific events in our faculty. 4. Supervising on the courses of continuing education for the external participants. 5. Provide the consultations to solve the problems of the private sectors. 6. Sharing in different university activities related the subjects of development of administrative skills , quality assurance and accreditation. 7. President of consultative bureau in faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 8. Chairman of editor board of Kufa Journal of Veterinary Medical Sciences. Responsibilities: 1-Member of Kufa university council 2-Member of main committee to create strategic plan (2018-2020) for University of Kufa. 3-Member of quality assurance council in Kufa University 4-Chairman of central committee of biorisk management in Kufa University. 5-Chairman of deans' committee of Iraqi veterinary medicine colleges. 6-Supervising on 6 M.Sc. students and 3 Ph.D. students in Biology and Pathology. 7-Member of Scientific Research Committee in University of Kufa Training courses: 1-Training course in Netherlands, June 2011 on uses of electron microscope. 2- Training course in university administrative development held by IREX in Erbil, March; 2013 3-Training course in US funded by IREX in October-November; 2013 include hosting by University of Kentucky for approximately one month and prepare case study on administrative development. 4-Participation in the workshop in development of curriculum of biorisk management in Iraqi universities organized by Sandia National Laboratories in Seychelles; 23-26 May 2015. 5-Training course to develop collaborative programs among different Iraqi institutions in pathogen detection organized by Los Alamos National laboratories in Jordan; 29 July – 2 August;2015 6-Participation in Laboratory biosecurity SOP workshop, held in Malaysia at 6-9 December 2015, organized by Sandia National Laboratories. 7-Participation in regional workshop in Amman, Jordan (13-15 April,2016) organized by Scientific association of Arabic Veterinary colleges about (development of veterinary education in Arabic countries). 7- Participation in first annual biorisk management symposium,MENA region network organized in Tunisia 4-8 April, 2017 by the Tunisian Biosafety and Environmental Education Association and funded by Canadian government, CRDF Global and others. 8-Participation in workshop focused on coordination and building biorisk management culture in MENA region which took place in Tunisia by ATB2E on April 5th., 2017. 9- Participation in workshop focused fundamentals of the biosafety cabinets which took place in Tunisia by ATB2E on April 4th., 2017. 10-Participation in Train-The-Taineer program sponsored by CRDF which include three training courses. The first course conducted in Amman during 23-27 April 2017, the second course conducted in Amman during 2-6 July 2017, while the third course conduct at 10-14 September 2017. 12-Participate in Joint meeting, organized by CRDF in Baghdad to discuss the future work plan, conducted at 6 and 7 of February, 2018 11-At least 10 local training courses in university leadership inside and outside Kufa University.


Sellected Publications

Dirofilaria immitis infestation in imported police (K-9) dogs in Iraq
2019 - Veterinary Medicine - Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science
Congenital abnormalities and arthrogryposis in newly born lambs in Al Muthanna province Iraq. Suspicion of Akabane virus infection
2019 - Veterinary Medicine - Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science
Molecular detection of infectious bronchitis virus and it is relation with avian influenza virus (H9) and Mycoplasma gallisepticum from different geographical regions in Iraq
2013 - Veterinary Medicine - Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Genotyping of Candida albicans Isolated from Turkeys by 25S Intron Analysis
2011 - Veterinary Medicine - Kufa Journal for veterinary medical sciences

Research Topics

pathology, TUMORS OF THE BLOOD VESSELS, Congenital abnormalities, Dirofilaria immitis infestation,  


علم الامراض العام    
- General Veterinary - Stage 3 ||  
علم الامراض الخاص    
- General Veterinary - Stage 3 ||  
علم الامراض الخاص    
- General Veterinary - Stage 3 ||  
علم الاجنة    
- General Veterinary - Stage 2 ||  
علم الاجنة    
- General Veterinary - Stage 2 ||  

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