hashmiya hameed alhamdani ( Professor )
Faculty of Basic Education - Kindergarten ( Head of the Department )
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Professor. hashmiya hameed jafaar alhamdani
PhD. Education ( Andalusian literature )
Basic Education - Kindergarten
Head of the Department

Date of Birth: 1953-07-01
( female )

General Information
Name: Hashemite Hamid Jaafar Abdul Hussein al-Hamdani. Births: 1953 - Babylon. Marital status: Married Number of children: five. Certificates • Bachelor of Mustansiriya University Faculty of Arts in 1977 and I was the first on the Department of Arabic Language - morning studies. • Master: from Al-Mustansiriya University College of Arts in 1987 obtained it under the university No. 8795 on 05/02/1987 Message Subject: Iraqi poetry in the fifth century. • PhD: from Kufa - Faculty of Education University for Women in 1998 obtained. About it in university No. 2923 23.07.1998 Specialization: Literature Andalusian Thesis title: Andalusian women's hair to the end of the sixth century Hijra. • the date of first appointment: A31-12-1977 to the owners and the Ministry of Education appointed the angel of the Institute of Teachers Training - Karbala for the year 1987 I got my master's. • was transferred my services to Kufa University - College of Education for Girls in the matter of university 413 20/01/1993 • Degrees: • Assistant Lecturer in 1993 • teacher in 1998 • Assistant Professor 28/01/2008 . Professor at 08/23/2016 • conferences: • First Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Arts - University of Qadisiya 2-3 / 4/1994 • First Scientific Conference of the University of sacredness 1995 • First Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Education / University of Babylon in April 2010. • Completed research published and winning the approval of the deployment: • elite poets of the House have peace in Andalusia: the publication in the Journal of the Napo second edition 2007 • nth months poems in the notification Andalusian approval of the publication of the University of turf / Libya magazine • Ramadi Abu Nawas Andalusian approval of the publication of the Journal of Arabic culture / Libya • enthusiasm in the hair son Ajafajh / First Scientific Conference / University of Qadisiya • Research in progress: • poet Almohad son forced the marina. • months linguists monuments completion rate of 100% • satisfactory Abu Firas al-Hamdani and her sisters completion rate of 90%. • Lexicon Her Andalus completion rate of 80%. • Articles / allocated column (Andalusia) in the newspaper grand march to publish my articles, including: a poem and issued a spark from the University of the Long March / Libya.


Sellected Publications

ادب الاطفال والتراث الاندلسي قديما وحديثا
2014 - Human Studies - مجلة الجامعة الاسلامية
التراث الادبي عند ائمة البقيع (ع) الشعر والوصايا انموذجا - Human Studies - مجلة حوليات المنتدى - مركز درسات الكوفة
التراث الادبي للإمامين العسكريين ( عليهما السلام ) دراسة تحليلية (الشعر – الوصايا – الاجوبة على بعض المسائل أنموذجا )
2015 - Human Studies - مجلة الجامعة الاسلامية
بيعة الغدير في الشعر الاندلسي
2016 - Human Studies - مجلة حوليات المنتدى

Research Topics

Andalusian literature, Children's literature, Islamic literature,  


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