حسين عزيز الغزي ( أستاذ )
كلية الطب - طب عام
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أستاذ . حسين عزيز ناصر الغزي
دكتوراه طب ( امراض القلب والاوعية الدموية والغدد الصماء وداء السكري )
الطب - طب عام

تاريخ الميلاد: 1955-07-01
( ذكر )

معلومات عامة
C.V Name : Dr .Hussein Aziz Naser Hussein Surname : Al-ghezi DOB : 1st July 1955 Email address : [email protected] Phone number +9647825695455 Address : Najaf , Iraq Job : Doctor in Internal Medicine Work Place: Medical College of Medicine , Kufa University Current Work : Assistant Prof ,Internal Medical Department Degree : MB ch B ,DM, C.A.B.M Undergraduate Study: MB ch B Baghdad Medical College ,Baghdad University1979 DM Baghdad University 1990 C.A.B.M Arabic Council of Medical Studies Medical Work : Yarmok Teaching Hospital 1979-1980, Medical City Hospital 1986-1991 The Medical Work includes training in ER,ICU and General Medical Wards Specialist in Internal Medicine ,Sader Medical Hospital ,Department of Medicine 1993 Teaching in the Kufa Medical College, Kufa University 1999 Assistant Prof 2005 Consultant Physician: 2008 Academic training : 1. New methods in Teaching 1999 2. New methods and modules in medical study 2011-2012 3. Computer study : 2000 and 2005 Training in the Medical Work : 1. Echocardiography Ibn Albitar cardiology Hospital 2001 2. Cardiology Training in Malaysia 2007 3. Cardiology Training in Turkey 2013 Participation in Conferences : 1. Kufa Medical Conferences 2007,2008 2. Najaf Medical City Conferences 2013,2014 3. UAE –EMA Medical Conference 2010 4. Cardiology Conference 2009 5. Medical Conference in Erbil 2012 6. Respiratory Conference in turkey 2015 Supervision for postgraduate students : 1. Diploma in the Internal Medicine postgraduate students 2000-15 2. Supervision of the Arabic Board student s2011—16 Researches : 1. Left ventricular dysfunction in diabetic patients Echocardiography study Kufa Medical Journal 2002 vol9 242 -247 2. Cardiac dysfunction in chronic anemia echocardiography study Babylon Medical Journal 2005 3. Pulmonary tuberculosis in diabetic patients Kufa Medical Journal 2006 4. Perioperative cardiovascular changes in hypertensive Patients. Kufa Medical Journal 2006 5. Asymptomatic pyuria in diabetic female patients Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Baghdad 2006 6. Cardiac risk factors among young ischemic stroke Patients Kufa Medical Journal 2008 7. Renal dysfunction after major surgical operations :The impact of age ,gender and obesity Kufa Medical Journal 2012 8. Study Effect of Glimepiride and Repaglindine on CIMT and long glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients double blind study Medical Journal of Babylon 2013 9. The Value of urinary Albumin to Urinary specific gravity in detection the albuminurea in diabetic patients Kufa Medical Journal 2011 10. Lupus Nephritis :the therapy and the role of Rituximab in resistant cases Journal of Faculty of Medicine Baghdad 2013 11. Detection of Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia in the early five years of Diabetes Mellitus using Holter monitoring QMJ 2014 12. Study the effect of Isolated systolic Hypertension Versus Isolated Diastolic Hypertension on the Atherosclerotic Risk factors in young adult World Heart Journal 2015 13. Left Ventricular systolic dysfunction among Stroke patients cross sectional study QMJ 2016 14. Mitral Regurgitation Severity with Left atrial Volume Index as a guide to the Early Myocardial Infarction Prognostic Outcome British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 2016
البحوث المنشورة
The Effect of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on Cerebral Blood Flow
Right Ventricular Dysfunction among Adult Patients with Chronic Rhino Sinusitis
2019 - طب - World Heart JOURNAL

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