سعاد محمد الحدراوي ( أستاذ مساعد )
كلية العلوم - علوم الحياة
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Lecturer.Dr. Suaad Mohammad Joda Al- Hadrawy Lectur. Dr. of biology Faculty of Science, University of Kufa Kufa, P. O. Box 21 Najaf Governorate, Iraq Mobile: E.mail: [email protected] E.mail: [email protected] Ph.D. of Science in Physiology- Kufa University. 2012. Master of Science in Physiology - Kufa University. 2002. Research Interests My research interest is the search of new cardiac markers for monitoring and prediction of the ischemic heart disease because these markers are still an important issue in many research fields. Also I have some studies concern with the effects of hormonal treatment on physiological and histological changes in animals.