محمد خلف الجعيفري ( مدرس مساعد )
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التدريسي محمد خلف رحيم العنوان: العراق -النجف Mob: 07435543818 Email: [email protected] M-Tech. from JNT University, College of Engineering, (India) in Computer Science & Engineering (2012). B.Sc. from University of Technology, Baghdad, (IRAQ) in Software Engineering and Information Technology (2006). A chief engineer at the Computer Department at Kufa University and also as a lecturer in the College of Education from (2008-2010). Lecturer at College of Medicine (2012-till now 2016), Lecturer at College of Engineering (DSD) for 2 academic years and Manager of Network Department and Assitant Director at IT-RDC at the University of Kufa (2012). Research Interests: 1. Network. 2. Virtualization & Cloud Computing. 3. Mobile Government. 5. Web Based Programming. 6. Computer Application in Medicine. 7. Others. المواد التي درستها واجيد تدريسها: 1. Wireless Networks. 2. Advanced Programming Languages. 3. Microprocessor, Comupter Organization and Computer Architecture. 4. Modern Operating system. 5. Digital Syatem Design. 6. Data structure and algorithms. المنشورات العلميه: 1- Mohammad Khalaf Rahim Al-juaifari, Dr. B.Padmaja Rani. Article: Engineering Wireless Mesh Networks: Joint Scheduling, Routing, Power control and Rate Adaptation Networks with Bottleneck Algorithm. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 3, Issue 9, September-2012, ISSN 2229-5518. New York, USA. 2- Secure SMS Mobile Transaction with Peer to Peer" Authentication Design for Mobile Government" American Journal of Engineering Research (AJER) e-ISSN: 2320-0847 p-ISSN : 2320-0936 Volume-4, Issue-11, pp-143-149 3- تطوير مناهج الحاسوب للكليات غير الاختصاص ، الاردن 2014 مؤتمر أبحاث الموهبة و التفوق في الوطن العربي 4- Unified Patient Information System for Iraqi Hospitals‏ MKR Al-juaifari‏ International Journal of Computer Applications 131 (4)‏ 5- Manage the Traffic Load for Reducing Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink, CAE (Communications on Applied Electronics),Nov. 2016