اركان عبد الرزاق دعيبل ( مدرس )
كلية الهندسة - الكهرباء
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Profile • Ph. D. in Computer and Control Engineering, Al Mustansiriyya University/Iraq, Feb. 1997; Master of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Baghdad University/Iraq Feb. 1982; Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Baghdad University/Iraq, Jun. 1978. My degrees have been certified through The University of Dayton; Dayton, OH, USA. Visiting lecturer– Fulltime Faculty Member/Computer Engineering Department at Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio (Aug-2010 to May 2014 ). Assistant Professor - Faculty Member/Computer Engineering Department at Al Hussein Ben Talal University, Ma’an, Jordan ( Sep. 2007- Aug. 2009). Assistant Professor - Faculty Member/Computer Science at Irbid University, Irbid, Jordan (Sep. 2001-Aug. 2007). Assistant Professor - Faculty Member/Electro-mechanical Departments at Higher Institute of Industry, Misrata, Libya (Nov.2000- Aug. 2001). Lecturer - Faculty Member and Department Head/ Electronics and Communication at Najaf College of Technology, Najaf, Iraq ( Feb. 1997- Oct. 2000). Full-time for study Ph.D. (Oct. 1993 – Feb. 1997). Faculty Member and Department Head/Electrical Department at Najaf Technical Institute, Najaf, Iraq (Sep. 1984- Sep. 1993). Maintenance Engineer/ Computer Center at Najaf Technical Institute, Najaf, Iraq (Sep. 1983 –Aug. 1984). Research Interests • Microprocessor based control, Control Systems and Applications, Fuzzy Logic Control, Power Electronics and Machine Drives, Embedded Systems Simulation and Emulation Techniques, and neural networks. Teaching Interests • Microprocessors and Microcontroller, Computer Architecture and Organization, VLSI Design, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Embedded Systems, Digital design, Analog Electronics, Circuit Analysis, Electrical Machines, Networks and Data Communications, Signal Processing, System Modeling and Simulation, Data Structure, and Object-oriented Language. Publications• Books Kadum, System Programming, Majdooly Publication, Jordan 2006 • Kadum, Communication Systems, The Curriculum Book of Najaf Technical Institute, Iraq 1991 Journal Publications • Kadum, “Development of General Purpose Fuzzy Controller” Technology Journal Volume 27, 2001, PP. 43-51 • Kadum, “Adaptive Speed Control of DC Drives Using Fuzzy Neural Estimator” Technological Engineering Journal, Volume 63, 2000, pp. 44-58 • Kadum. “A PC-Based Self-Tuning Controller Using Fuzzy Logic” Technology Journal Volume 63 2000, pp. 52-57 • Kadum, “Design and Computer Simulation for Regulation of DC-DC Converters Using Fuzzy Logic Control” Babil University Journal Volume 6, 1999 pp37-49 • Kadum, “Design of Multivariable-Fuzzy Controllers“ Technological Engineering Journal, Volume 62, 1999, pp.62-68 • A. Kadum, Ahmad Al_Shaq Ahmad “Incremental Generalized Integrator” Computer Aided Design Column 18, 1986, pp. 424-430. Conferences • A. Kadum and F. Kadhim, “Implementation of an Algorithm to Decrease the Average Waite Time for Processes that Have Equal Priority, “ 2nd International Conference, “From Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering,”2nd IC-SCCE Athens, Greece, 5st- 8th July 2006. • A. Kadum, The Second National Competition Conference Organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade, on 11th-12th December 2006, Amman, Jordan, (Attendance). • A. Kadum and M. Abu-Aziz, “The Uses of Database for Decision Making, Study Case for Database of Arbid University,” Scientific Symposium of the Deanery of Scientific Research at Irbid University collaboration with the Federal Arab Scientific Research Councils, Irbid, Jordan, 25th-27th April, 2005. • A. Kadum, “Fuzzy Logic Decoupler,” The First Conference of Mathematics and Computer Science, Irbid National University, Jordan, 15th-16th October, 2003. • A. Kadum, “Design of Multivariable –Fuzzy Controllers,” CATEE, Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan, 19th-20th October 1999, Sponsored by IEEE. • A. Kadum, “Development of General Purpose Fuzzy Controller,” First Scientific Conference Koga University, Kofa, Iraq, March 1995.