أحمد ياسين التميمي ( مدرس مساعد )
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Computer Engineer with more than 9 years of experience in IT educational institute (University of Kufa/ Information Technology Research and Development Center ITRDC). I have worked as IT trainer for students and engineers, worked with university E-learning developments under supervision of UNESCO, set up studio, record and edit video's lectures, develop open source environment that connect students and campus together. ITRDC consider the main vessel of university for serving more than 27 thousand students and 20 colleges. Due to the hard work that I showed and until Feb,2014 I honored with full scholarship fund which allows me to pursue my master's degree in one of the top ranked universities in USA. I enrolled in Florida Institute of Technology with strong passion of learning new technologies, with my interest and Florida Tech facilities I became WiCE member, studied courses related to wireless network and sensors, math, programming, embedded systems, High Performance computing and machine learning. During my courses study I did many projects and paper term publications.